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We help marketers get jobs through challenges
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We Are A Platform That Takes Bias out of hiring

For too long, we have relied on signals, like your university degree, or job title to assess applicant quality

Unfortunately, it is also common knowledge that such signals are poor predictors of job performance.

So, we decided to do something different. At LMNS, we aim to achieve diversity by testing ability. Not through simulations, but through live competitions.

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At LMNS, we aim to achieve diversity by testing ability. What better way to test a candidate, then by making them actually do the job? We work with clients across a variety of non-technical roles to design live competitions that do just that.

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Craft a lead generation strategy, leverage paid social & email marketing to drive high-intent traffic to online businesses


Audit a business website, develop a tailored SEO strategy, and implement tactics that will help the business reach its goals


Develop a conversion-based search marketing campaign, implement, test, and optimize to improve campaign performance

Growth Marketing

Analyze the business and determine its growth goals and target metrics. Construct and execute a marketing plan to achieve those objectives

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