About Us

Our story

Our passion is Equality Of Opportunity

Christina and Yaw are both passionate about digital marketing and helping outstanding but overlooked candidates get a fair chance.

“We met during the Antler program and bonded over our shared struggle navigating the hiring system as nontraditional applicants. Now we’re doing something about it.

"We’re building LMNS as the great equalizer - a platform that gives us all a chance to be seen on the same level.”

Biased hiring systems have been our past and present. LMNS is the hiring system of the future.


How it works


Hirelmns achieves diversity by testing ability using live competitions. We don't care about who you are, but what you can do.

Thats why, when we evaluate interview candidates we get them to do the actual job, through a custom designed competition.

The only thing that matters, is how you perform against objective outcome metrics, like the number of subscribers, or emails opened etc. Thats it.