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  • CMO

  • Drive Users to the Phluid Website

  • How will you make the Phluid Project go viral?In your new role, we would like you to tell us how you
  • Director Of Marketing

  • Driving leads through Linkedin

  • Shared_Studios exists to create meaningful human connections between people separated by distance an
  • 1ST: $500, 2ND: $350 3RD: $150

  • Lead Generation Challenge

  • LMNS aims to equalize hiring by testing ability first. We do that through live challenges, like thi
  • 1ST: $500, 2ND: $350 3RD: $150

  • Word of Mouth User Acquisition | Over Easy

  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEMBERS OF THE LMNS COMMUNITYThough you can apply to join our platform, this competi
  • Head of Growth

  • FB Lead Generation with $0

  • Link to job description**Submissions of files up to  5MB per file are allowed, for files that a

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