Driving leads through Linkedin

Director Of Marketing

Shared Studios

Shared_Studios exists to create meaningful human connections between people separated by distance and difference. Clients benefit from the profoundly positive and moving experience people feel when they use Shared Studios.

As the director of marketing, your role will be to define a marketing strategy that leverages the emotions Shared Studios creates for customer acquisition. As such, your task for this competition is two-fold:

The task:

  1. Execute an element of your customer acquisition strategy.
  2. Outline your marketing strategy for the first 30, 60, 90 days with a specific focus on branding and customer acquisition.

The goal:

The output:

  1. Specifically, drive potential corporate clients to the shared studios website by creating a blog on Linkedin.

The timeline:

Stage Start Date Submissions Go Live End Date
Date 2020-02-18 2020-02-19 2020-02-24 2020-03-06

The expectations:

Whilst we love candidates that put in a lot of effort, we don’t expect this task to take you more than 4hr to complete.

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