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**Submissions of files up to  5MB per file are allowed, for files that are larger, or formats like MP4, please email your submissions to [email protected]**

How would you drive users to the ZeroToEngineer website

In your new role as Head of Growth Hacking, you are responsible for user acquisition. NexGenT acquires a lot of its candidates using Facebook, but it would like to increase the quality and share of those that come organically. It's Facebook page has over 20,000 followers, and below is some data on the effectiveness of marketing assets and page activity:

Time of day (PDT)Average. No of People Online

AssetAverage ReachAverage LikesAverage ClicksCTR
Post (Status)1,1267202%
Post (Photo)8668202%
Post (Video)8299121%
Post (Link)7278172%
Messages*1,738 (Connections)Never UsedNever UsedN/A
Stories**Never UsedNever UsedNever UsedN/A

*Messages can only be sent to people that have already contacted the page

**Stories do no always display buttons on Android devices, meaning those users will not be able to click through.

Using this data and the below resources, what marketing assets would you make to drive leads to the ZeroToEngineer website from the Facebook Page, without budget?

Please use this link as your provisional URL in all posts: https://zerotoengineer.com/

We will add your custom UTM parameters once the submissions are complete

The Terms:

Remember, all assets will be posted on August, 4th, from the NextGenT Facebook account to ensure everyone has the same chance of success. Your assets are anonymized, so only you know which ones you made, and they belong to you, so they cannot be re-used should you not advance to the next round.

The Winnings:

The 3 candidates with the highest average conversion rate will receive cash rewards: $250, $150 and $100 respectively. The average conversion rate is simply the conversion rate across all your asset(s).

All candidates that get a conversion rate of 0.24% will be invited to the final interview round.

The graph below represents the conversion rate on a scale out of 100. So, showing 24 on the graph represents a conversion rate of 0.24%

The task:

  1. Design Facebook creatives (including posts/messages/anything else) that drive users to complete the application form.

The goal:

  1. Maximize average conversion rate (Completes/Reach).

The output:

  1. 1x Summary (500 words max, DOCX) why these assets? And if not FB, what would you do?
  2. 1x Facebook Creatives (As many/as little as you want pending it takes <4hrs)

The timeline:

Stage Start Date Submissions Go Live End Date
Date 2020-07-31 2020-08-03 2020-08-04 2020-08-06

The expectations:

Whilst we love candidates that put in a lot of effort, we don’t expect this task to take you more than 4hr to complete.

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