Lead Generation Challenge

1ST: $500, 2ND: $350 3RD: $150


LMNS aims to equalize hiring by testing ability first. We do that through live challenges, like this one, that allow candidates to show employers, what you can do. Our mission is to put the candidate in the position of power.

The Challenge

In this challenge, we would like you to pretend you are a member of the LMNS marketing team. As a fast moving startup, LMNS is keen to continue growing its candidate pool. One of the main tools used to do this has been Linkedin. 

What has worked so far?

LMNS has run 4 ad campaigns to drive candidates to their site, and these are the results:

CampaignLinkCTR %
Career Changers ad


University Specific ad


Direct messaging to inbox


Post about LMNS mission


  • Using this data, the LMNS Linkedin page, this article and your own creativity, we would like you to design Linkedin creatives that drive prospective candidates to sign up to LMNS.
  • If you choose to create a direct message, you should clarify who and how many people you think we should message, and if its a post/ad you should include any hashtags you want your post to have. The aim is to maximize click through rates.
  • Once you have made these creatives, you simply need to come back here and upload your creatives on this page.

The terms

All submissions will be posted on the same day from the LMNS Linkedin account to ensure that all creatives have the same chance of success. Your creatives are anonymized, so only you as the candidate can see what creative you made, and no money will be spent on running the ads.

The winnings

The winners of the competition will get a cash reward per the title above and their profile will be passed to our referral network. Everyone that participates will get a report of their results that they can share with great effect with employers. 

The task:

  1. Design a Linkedin Creative

The goal:

  1. Maximize click through rates to the LMNS website

The output:

  1. 1x Linkedin creative (DOCX, JPG) to drive users to website
  2. 1x Page (500 words max, DOCX) detailing why you thought this creative was the best approach 1x Linkedin post to drive users to website

The timeline:

Stage Start Date Submissions Go Live End Date
Date 2020-06-01 2020-06-02 2020-06-10 2020-06-12

The expectations:

Whilst we love candidates that put in a lot of effort, we don’t expect this task to take you more than 2hr to complete.

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