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Over easy is a DTC brand that makes delicious breakfast bars. Delivered straight to the comfort of your home, Over Easy hopes to provide busy people a natural, healthy alternative to sugary protein bars that fits right into their schedule.

The Challenge

We would like you to help Over easy grow its user base using Instagram. But! There is a twist! You won't be using over easy's instagram, but a new breakfast account we have created for you, and using your creative skills, mentions, and a lot of hashtags, you will spread the message of Over-easy and drive clicks to their website with 2 instagram posts: 

Post 1: Brand Awareness

The first step towards getting customers is Brand Awareness. As such your aim is to create an Instagram post that will maximize Reach (the unique number of people that saw your post). As you will have noticed, the Instagram account we have created doesn't have that many followers to begin with, so you should bear that in mind. In your post you should include the actual post creative & caption complete with tags, location and hashtags.  

Post 2: Conversion

The next step of user acquisition is conversion. We want to convert visitors of our post to website visitors using the "Link in Bio" strategy. Aka -> move from post to profile to website! Gee, does that even work? Well, reviews here are mixed, but it's the only free option! Some sources claim you can expect a conversion rate of 0.06% (Clicks/Reach), use that to inform the number you want to beat! Again, your post you should include the actual post creative & caption complete with tags, location and hashtags.  

Both posts should include the tag @overeasyfoods and the hashtag: #overeasyfoods

To provide some inspiration, check out these resources:

1. OverEasy's Most popular post 👇

2. Over-easy Press

3. 10 Instagram accounts you need to follow if you love brunch!

The terms

All Post 1's will be posted on the 23rd, and all Post 2's will be posted on the 24th from the breakfast Instagram account to ensure that all creatives have the same chance of success. Your creatives are anonymized, so only you as the candidate can see what creative you made, and no money will be spent on running the ads.

The winnings

To determine the overall winner of the competition, we will use the average rank from the performance of both posts. So for example, if you have the highest reach, and your rank is 1, and then you come in say 10th place on the conversion challenge, then your overall rank is 6th ((1+10)/2)

The winners of the competition will get a cash reward per the title above and their profile will be passed to our referral network. Everyone that participates will get a report of their results that they can share with great effect with employers.

The task:

  1. Design 2 Instagram Posts

The goal:

  1. 2. Pst 2: Maximize conversion rate (Website clicks/Reach)
  2. 1. Post 1: Maximize Reach per Post

The output:

  1. 1x Summary (500 words max, DOCX) explaining why this ad?
  2. 1x Instagram Post (DOCX, JPG) to maximize Website Click conversion rate
  3. 1x Instagram Post (DOCX, JPG) to drive Reach

The timeline:

Stage Start Date Submissions Go Live End Date
Date 2020-07-20 2020-07-22 2020-07-23 2020-07-26

The expectations:

Whilst we love candidates that put in a lot of effort, we don’t expect this task to take you more than 3hr to complete.

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